Como Corner

Design simplicity. Ambient light lines.

A vibrant desire to have beautiful, indirect lighting in a challenging space, is what brought Como Corner to life. A new linear lighting family that can fit everywhere, discreetly, and whose ambient light will nicely accentuate vertical or horizontal lines in a space.

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There’s beauty in simplicity

Beautiful, obvious yet, never thought of before. That’s designer Dirk Wynants’ motto. But in order to start creating, he first needs a problem to solve. Choosing a luminaire for a lower floor looking over Lake Como in Italy was just the thing. There, awaited the challenges of a very low ceiling and limited electricity outlets. Dirk was looking to integrate ambient light for both wall and ceiling. The solution was hiding in the corner. Just the perfect spot to create a nice light effect.

Dirk Wynants_02_BW
For me design always comes from frustration. I can’t design something from nothing. I need to solve a problem.
Product designer: Dirk Wynants

Don’t worry, it’s easy

Como corner is about design simplicity hiding a lot of technology behind an uncomplicated straight or curved cover. The aluminium extrusion can be fixed to the ceiling or the wall for ease of installation, and remains hidden behind the cover. You won’t see how it’s done. Just beautiful, ambient lighting calling for your newly built construction or next renovation project.


Up down, top bottom

Soft, indirect lighting, horizontally side-to-side where wall meets ceiling, or in the middle of the wall. Como Corner emits up and down light, and each LED strip can be controlled separately. Try it also in a vertical corner, from top to bottom. Como Corner’s two designs will blend in nicely in a space. Paint it in the same colour as your wall or ceiling for a smoother integration and a moulding effect.


Welcome visual comfort

Your projects can include Como Corner for ambient lighting for home and hospitality environments, and for offices as well. It’s the perfect profile for creating the right levels of uniformity via indirect light. Our Casambi integrated luminaire also enables you to have wireless control over light levels to match time of day, by voice, motion or smart device.

There's a lot more to Como Corner

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