Blossom & Bloom


A new architectural pendant light is the star, or flower, of the moment. Tulip: complementary, accessible and playful. Pure and basic shapes. Tulip’s long stem gives it an air of elegance and adds grandeur. Its two shapes, Blossom and Bloom, boast a complementary design, and display both cosy mood light and general light. One, two, or a bouquet of Tulips. It will be difficult to choose.

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New members of beloved families

Pista, Shellby, Minude, Drupl & Charlatan



Our favourite 48V track is back to offer quite a few novelties that will multiply your options for designing lighting concepts for office spaces, hospitality and residential environments. An easy installation option, an uplight family member, a longer linear spot unit, click-in brackets for climate control ceilings and a Pista guide available for download. So many options are coming your way.

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Shellby skin

Shellby, our recently launched general lighting luminaire and mood maker - yes, both - already has something new to show. Shellby skin is a decorative inlay that adds a warm and cosy touch to Shellby’s light. In anodised silver bronze, bronze, champagne and gold, it’s a perfect match to our Minude or Thimble spots. And last but not least, Shellby skin is available in pearl white, a unique finish that changes shades as you move.

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In addition to its 48V track suspended version, our lovely minimalistic Minude spot is now available as a stand-alone, suspended application. Sprinkle your ceiling expressions with Minudes, thanks to a thin, easy-to-install leaf spring ceiling plate and add a splash of rich colour with six beautiful choices.

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Drupl already lit up the town with its new uplight a few months ago. It’s back for more. Designers now have the option of making more light with Drupl, with a powerful output of 2000lm/m from its uplight. The perfect, stylish solution for a commanding, uniform light in office spaces.

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A trackspot for our 230V track rail, Charlatan is a light to keep close. Its unpretentious and timeless design and excellent price/quality ratio make Charlatan an easy choice for several spaces. Thin, adjustable bracket, flexibility of 360° horizontal and 90° vertical, deeper recessed positioning of reflector for visual comfort, there’s no compromise on quality or technology.

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