A world of hidden stories

We’ve been known to provoke, express ourselves with controversial themes to ignite conversations. Today, we’re taking our story forward, with Secreto.

Secreto brings two worlds to light. One in which we play with the lives we share online, and one in which we expose our true selves that we normally hide. Ready to know our secrets?




"We all have secrets
If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine…
What’s your secret?"

~ Discover our characters




In Secreto, we follow the life of a voyeur and uncover the secret world of several characters and their double lives. The Snake Boy, the Insta Queen, the Drag Queen, the Seance Trio and the Ghost. What is real and what isn’t?

Everybody has secrets. Everybody.




Which of our luminaires can you spot in the pictures?

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~ Behind the camera



Everyone has their role, and not just on camera. There’s a whole other world to our story. The world behind the lens, where some unveil that they too, have to watch, or like to watch? After all, isn’t there a bit of a voyeur in each one of us? Watch their stories.

Modular RALF V005 OT


Ralf Demesmaeker


“My job as a director is to create the right story and surroundings so that an actor or model can effortlessly become the character I want him or her to be .”

~ My work

Jan Opdekamp

Campaign photographer

“So I’m the eye of the character from the outside. Or their mirror, how they want to see themselves. I look to really capture the mood I imagine that character would be in.”

~ My work



Modular THOMAS S V003 OT


Thomas 'Switn' Sweertvaegher

Set photographer

“I get the role of the voyeur watching voyeurs. Catching that instant when the person isn’t aware that I’m watching. There’s beauty in that moment. And bit of a thrill too.”

~ My work

~ In between worlds...




Get inspired with more reportage pictures…

Do our people know they’re being watched? Sometimes, sometimes not...


~ Behind the stories





Who is being watched? Are they people, actors, characters, all of the above? Meet them and find out if they have secrets of their own to share.

Our characters each have their secrets. And each secret has one or two of our product families.


The Voyeur.

"Sometimes, I watch you"
Modular VOYEUR V006 OT


What product shares my secrets?

Discover Hollow Discover Pista

The Ghost.

“I know everyone’s secrets.”

Modular appearance  V005 OT


What product shares my secrets?

Discover Smart


Snake Boy.

“Snakes are the only ones who understand me.”

Modular snakeboy V006 OT


What product shares my secrets?

Discover Médard


The Drag Queen.

“I love to look like the real me.” “I love to look like the real me.”

Modular drag V005 OT


What product shares my secrets?

Discover Shellby


The Insta Queen.

“This is my perfect life.” “This is my perfect life.”

Modular insta V005 OT


What product shares my secrets?

Discover Nomad

We all have secrets.
Are you ready to share yours?
Or do you want to watch?