Sun by day, Moon by night

Shellby’s light is the Sun by day, and the Moon by night. Like the Sun, it brings powerful light that indisputably brightens your space, and energises you for daily activities. Like the Moon, it watches, with softer light that inspires calm and warmth. A clash of functions, all in one.

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The asymmetrical shape of Shellby plays with perspective. The glass ball looks as if it’s floating. When the light is on, and you walk around the luminaire, it even tricks your eye, since you don’t know if you are looking at a sphere or a flat circle. That’s playfulness.
Product Designer: Jeffrey Huyghe
Jeffrey Huyghe

The interaction of geometrical shapes

Product designer Jeffrey Huyghe finds inspiration in geometrical shapes and how they interact with each other. The starting point was a sphere, and how it could fit into a volume, thus determining its size. Jeffrey positioned it off-center so that the overall design looked like a spiraling shell, or an oyster with a pearl in it. This is where the name Shellby comes from.


General light and mood

Create your own light story, for any time of the day. Present general lighting with purpose, or turn it into a lovely mood maker for a calmer atmosphere. Dim it, with or without integrated warm dim, on ceilings or on walls. Make it exactly as you want it.

Shellby 176 trimless LED warm dim GE whstr_028-1

One or many playful spheres of light

Light your space with more than one Shellby. Its asymmetrical, deep-recessed design and seemingly floating sphere add to its playfulness, and enable you to create all kinds of artistic patterns and configurations.

Play with a touch of colour

Add a warm, cosy touch to your space with Shellby Skins. Decorative inlays that come in many timeless colours, and a special pearly white. Shellby’s coloured surface is large and visible and makes the perfect general lighting partner for a combined project with spots like Thimble or Minude.



There's a lot more to Shellby

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