Show nature's complementary shapes

An architectural pendant light that comes in two complementary shapes, Blossom and Bloom. With such an accessible luminaire, using an E27 light bulb has never been so fun. Tulip boasts a complementary design, and displays both cosy mood light and general light. Full of grace and elegance, Tulip is the couple no one can miss.

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Designed by Studio Kees

Partners for over 11 years, Jaap and Odin are creative soul mates. Discussion, rationale vs emotion and friction are part of their creative process, and it wouldn’t work otherwise. They wanted to create something accessible, with elements of design. After pages and pages of drawings, the shape of a tulip emerged, and that was the starting point.

What we mostly see is the light that both variants of Tulip create. One is more focussed and the other has a wider beam. So it’s not only the shapes that are complementary, but the light effects as well.
Product designers: Jaap and Odin (Studio Kees)

Designed for each other

Balanced, made to fit together, Blossom and Bloom will add grandeur and architectural feel to your project. When both luminaires are placed side by side, as the angles of the cups form parallel lines, a new line emerges between the shapes that enhances the complementarity of Tulip’s design.

DK-COPENHAGEN-PRIVRES-TULIP-01-1603198305 (2)-2-1

A bouquet of playful

Feature one Tulip in your lighting expression and enjoy the single, architectural beauty. Play with a pair and watch an interesting dynamic develop thanks to a slightly closed and a more generous opening. Experiment with many, and you have a bouquet of light.

TULIP-BLOOM-E27-WHSTR-GOLD-01-1603196487 (2)

Black, white, golden inside

Tulip invites you to play with its colours. A couple in black or white structure. Or one of each colour. Experiment with many in one colour or mix them with both. Add a third colour, a stunning gold finish on the inside. An irresistible glow will create a soft, warm ambience with each Tulip.


Tracking Tulip

This track 230V feature of Tulip's makes it very interesting for hospitality, retail and even residential projects, where changing the position of lights occurs more often. No need to change or add an electrical connection. This addition is a simple, easy and budget-friendly solution for spaces with limited electrical points.

There's a lot more to Tulip

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