We’re 40! It all started in Belgium when Paul Rommens founded our company in 1980. He loved light, passion and being different and is mainly responsible for making technical lighting sexy, just like we know it today.



Nice lighting
for nice people

One of our most controversial yet iconic products has always been Nomad. It was Paul, the founder, who came up with the idea of the groundbreaking design in 1996. The name is referring to the fact we were actually No(t) Mad for creating a fixture with visible screws and wires. We were fully aware of the weird “in your face” design, material, and shape. Call it mad, call it crazy but over the years architects truly fell in love with the industrial-looking luminaire. It has become our most iconic luminaire and changed the world of architectural lighting. 25 years later, it is still available, loved by many and adopted in many creative souls.

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Nomad itself is an object in an interior
General Manager M.L.I.: Bart Maeyens
Redesign Nomad

Redesign the Nomad

To celebrate our 40th birthday, we want you to redesign Nomad and turn into an awesome exclusive limited edition.

Do you think you have it in you to upgrade the design of our Nomad even more? Then don’t hesitate and register! You have until 30th of October to send in a design proposal.

If you click the button below, then you are officially registered for redesigning the next big thing in architectural lighting. More info will be communicated as soon as you are registered.

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What's in it for you?

Are you a design student, an interior designer, architect, just a creative person? It all doesn’t matter. If you think you can come up with an awesome new design, then there’s only one option… Register yourself! Don’t hesitate to forward this to people you might know who would be interested in doing something like this.

What does the winner get out of this? Eternal fame. In all printed and digital artwork, your name will be mentioned. A perfect way to launch or boost your name and career. Of course, you can add the Nomad Ltd Edition to your portfolio, and you will be able to proudly admire your own copy of the design in your interior (worth a nice amount of money). The winner will also have the chance to work together with an experienced R&D team, existing of engineers and designers. Which is a great chance to develop skills & knowledge, especially when you're new in the field.

If we notice that the winner's Ltd Edition design is really popular, then there is a chance that we'll add the design to our official product portfolio. Which means the usual compensation (fee/royalties) will be in place then.

The winner will be announced mid-November, and pre-ordering will then also be possible.

This is your chance! Don’t hesitate and register now.